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The FREE MyAthlete® Live Tracker App is available . . .

In the Apple iTunes and the Droid Google Play stores.  Click on the links below to download & install the Apps.


NOTE that the App is only for viewing the Athlete during the race.

Weekend events are loaded the Thursday night before the weekend at which point they will be viewable on the iPhone/iPad App and the premeiere event site


Athletes will not appear in the App

or the Premiere site until they have

turned on their GPS Shadows outside

at the race site and get a GPS

satellite lock. 




Aaron Jones

Aaron Solomon

Andrew Chernaik

Andrew Kohl

Barb McEahern

Benjamin Maas

Brian Godlove

Brian Mitchell

Bryan Scott

Cary Ellmers

Chris Bevenue

Chris Elberson

Cyndi Wells

Damian Burdette

Danielle Mercurio

Darrel Neal

Dave Kellermanns

Denny Gillen

Doug Busken

Dyron Clower

Gary Lucchesi

Jackson Lewis

Jamie Twedt

Jeff McAlister

Jeff Moehling

Jeff Yeager

Jeremy Spurgin

Jessica Bashaw

Joe Granito

John Quintana

Jolene Diaz

Kaitlyn Hawkins

Keith Dentremont

Kelley Crow

Lacey Croco

Laura Egan

Les Welch

Leslie Halliday

Lou Diaz

Mary Ward

Matthew Scott

Michael Kenney

Michelle Parker

Nikki Makris

Pete Young

Peter Jameson

Rebecca Neumeier

Rich Worth

Richard Keeler

Richard Neal

Robin Krening Capra

Tim Howard

Tina Siebert

Tracy Olson

Under the Radar

William Alexander





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