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In the Apple iTunes and the Droid Google Play stores.  Click on the links below to download & install the Apps.


NOTE that the App is only for viewing the Athlete during the race.

Weekend events are loaded the Thursday night before the weekend at which point they will be viewable on the iPhone/iPad App and the premeiere event site


Athletes will not appear in the App

or the Premiere site until they have

turned on their GPS Shadows outside

at the race site and get a GPS

satellite lock.  



Alexis Regan

Jeff Stein

Joanne Caruso

Kristine Westenberger

Matthew Conlon

Melissa Trujillo

Patricia Garibaldi

Steve Bang

Suzie Stein






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ANY race you want which has cellular coverage. You rent MyAthlete® ONLINE, we ship it, you use it at any race or event where there is cellular coverage!  Contact us if your race is not here.

• Arnett Insurance Phoenix Marathon, 01-Mar-14, Mesa, AZ

• Guerilla Running Mountain Marathon, 01-Mar-14, Olympia, WA

• Habitat for Humanity Diamond Valley Lake Challenge, 01-Mar-14, Hemet, CA

• Umstead Trail Marathon, 01-Mar-14, Raleigh, NC

• Fleet Feet Sports of Tulsa TRC Post Oak Lodge Trail Marathon, 02-Mar-14, Tulsa, OK

• Kaiser Permanente Health Care Napa Valley Marathon, 02-Mar-14, Napa, CA

• Little Rock Marathon, 02-Mar-14, Little Rock, AR

• Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon, 02-Mar-14, Albany, GA

• The Army Marathon, 02-Mar-14, Killeen-Temple, TX

• The Woodlands Marathon, 02-Mar-14, The Woodlands, TX


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