• Combining innovative miniaturized GPS and real-time cellular data transmission technologies along with years of endurance Athletic and high adventure experience, My Athlete LLC provides real-time Athlete tracking in the human powered endeavor of pushing ones physical and mental limits.

  • You don't need it, your friends and family need it.

    During every race there are family members and a network of friends of the Athletes competing who want to know where their Athlete is and how they are performing to plan. From a few hours of a half-marathon to hours in a marathon to a full day in an Ironman and Ultra-marathon friends and family want to know how their Athlete is doing. In addition coaches want to keep tabs on how their athletes are performing after much dedicated training. Of course there are those in the endurance world who want to track the performance of Elite Athletes and teams. Until today the best anyone would get is a few updates over the course of an event, say eight updates versus hundreds or even thousands of real time updates from MyAthlete™.

    TODAY My Athlete LLC can provide the solution for real-time updates of the Athletes speed, location and elevation movements reporting hundreds or thousands of times during not only a race but also when training.

  • In November 2005 the creator of MyAthlete™, John Brennan, after competing in numerous Marathons, Triathlons, and Ironman races since he was 16 was in Panama City Florida and for the first time he was a spectator watching an Ironman race ready to cheer and support a dozen friends competing in this race.

    Time moves at different rates when one is racing as compared to being a spectator. An Ironman is a daunting 140.6 mile race where the final clock stops at 17 hours. The Elite Pro’s complete in 8+ hours and yet people continue to push their limits to come in before the clock reaches 17 hours. Be it 8 hours or 17 hours time does not seem to pass when you are racing. With so much training, dedication, and sacrifices building up to race day the Athlete is so focused on the race that the day goes by in a blink of an eye. However for a spectator at the event such as an Ironman, the day is a very long and slow one as the clock ticks ever so slowly. For years John heard his wife grumble how difficult it was to be a spectator in trying to spot John and other friends to cheer them on. That fateful day in November John realized exactly what his wife meant as he tried to watch and keep track of a dozen friends racing. It soon became evident what a daunting and exhausting task it is. From standing at the shore as the Athletes came out of the water to driving the bike course cheering his buddies on. But not everyone could be found. In fact one Athlete, Steve in particular was not where he should have been as John drove the bike course. Had something happened? The entire day John and others in the spectator group wanted to know where Steve was. As the day went on and the difficulty of being a spectator at an endurance event grew the concept of My Athlete was not only born but the name itself, “My Athlete”, was created.

    As day turned into night and with some of his friends done with the race and others still on the course John and others stayed and cheered on their friends. In the end everyone gathered and celebrated their accomplishments.

    But what about Steve? It turned out that as Steve ran to his bike to begin the 112 mile bike portion of the race he tripped and planted his chest into the pavement. Steve got up, bruised and in much pain and pushed on in the bike. Slower then he should have been Steve pushed on managing the pain as that is what endurance athletes do. Getting off the bike it took only a hundred feet for the pain to become overwhelming and Steve had to stop and drop out of the race. People look at endurance athletes in awe. To look at what Steve had just done in his condition is amazing as when he fell hours earlier he had broken several ribs and punctured a lung but still was able to race 112 miles on his bike. Why do we point this particular Athlete out? With My Athlete live tracking everyone would have known exactly where Steve was the entire day not only at the race but also at home.

  • NOW! MyAthlete™ began commercially renting the MyAthlete™ Athlete Tracking Systems in April 2008 at the Boston Marathon. Throughout 2008 MyAthlete™ was rented at Ironman USA, Ironman Louisville, Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman Arizona, Ironman Florida, Ironman World Championship, New York City Marathon, The Honolulu Marathon and many more.

    MyAthlete™ has been used all over the world in numerous countries covering 5 continents.

  • You can use it wherever there is cellular coverage and for any race (well any race we have seen so far). That includes Marathons, Triathlons, Adventure races, Ultra's, Bike race's, Charity rides, Backpacking, Kayaking, endurance Swimming, outrigger races among others.

  • Absolutely! We've been testing it in this mode for quite some time and many spouses have asked for this to see where their spouse is in their workout. I use it on 100 mile bike rides where I like to explore the first half of the ride and then try to figure out my way back home on the second half. Just about always getting home takes longer and my wife has used it to see that I’m still making my way home. It also has become a way for friends and family to be a part of the Athletes training and even an excuse to go link up with them.

  • The simple answer is no but we do allow special cases so contact us if you have a special swimming event. The technical answer is that once any radio based device is under water the radio signals will be blocked and that goes for GPS and Cellular radio signals.

    Initially we did allow Athletes to take them in the water however we had Athletes not properly closing the charging port resulting in the GPS Tracker getting flooded and damaged. When the charging port is properly closed they are water resistant to a meter. We have used them in swimming events and even in Tough Mudder’s with no issues. Once we start selling them the owner can wear them where ever they want.

    We have for swimming events had the MyAthlete™ GPS tracker in the chase boat that stays with the swimmer. For special endurance swimming events we have allowed the use in the water however the Athlete accepted they would pay for it if it was damaged if they did not properly close the charging port. The other requirement is that the Shadow has to be placed in the swim cap so it stays above the water in order to track the swimmer.

  • MyAthlete™ will be sold directly to consumers through this website in 2013.

  • Yes, just like renting a movie. You go to our web page and enter the date of the race you need it. MyAthlete™ is shipped to you over a week before the race arriving the Thursday/Friday/Saturday the week before the race. Play with it and use it all week and finally for your race then ship it back to us the day after your race.

    Due to the unpredictability of returns from previous races and its impact on our rental inventory there is the possibility that we may not be able to fulfill orders placed. We will do everything possible to fulfill your order however if our inventory is depleted we will cancel your order without collecting payment and will notify you as soon as possible.

    Please note that you will incur additional weekly charges if the MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker is not received by us in the days after the race. We have high demand for MyAthlete™ and for every weekend its out of our inventory there is another family missing out.

  • Simply drop it in the mail within the provided pre-paid mailing pouch. If you used the FedEx option then drop it off at FedEx. If you are at a hotel they front desk will usually accept mail and FedEx packages to be sent out.

  • The rental cost in the US is (higher rates apply for International):

    • $59.95 - Week rental
    • $89.95 - Two week rental
    • $105.95 - Three week rental
    • $119.95 - Month rental

    The purchase price: More information soon.

  • Ship your order to your Hotel if this is a last minute order and you will be at the race site when the order is scheduled to arrive. Enter your Hotel Name and address in the SHIP TO section of the order form and enter your name as GUEST followed by your name. We will ship to the address you enter in the SHIP TO section of the order form. Please make sure shipping address is correct to avoid disappointment.

    • Week rental - Arrives the Friday/Saturday/Monday the week before the race date entered.
    • Two week rental - Arrives the Friday/Saturday/Monday two weeks before the race date entered.
    • Three week rental - Arrives the Friday/Saturday/Monday three weeks before the race date entered.
    • Month rental - Arrives the Friday/Saturday/Monday one month before the race date entered.

  • You will receive a MyAthlete™ Shadow, a charger, a race belt with pouch and instruction sheet.

  • For week rentals we ship out the rental Shadows so they arrive by Thursday or Friday the weekend before the race. When you get it play with it so you are familiar with it. On race day turn it on and forget about it for the rest of the race. For longer rentals we will ship it to arrive when you want your rental to begin.

  • We provide you with a pre-paid mailing pouch. After your race just stick everything into the return pouch, sea it and drop it in the mail.

  • That covers the 2-3 day shipping to you and back to MyAthlete™ so we can get it to you quickly and back to us to we can clean it and turn it around for anther Athlete.

  • No worries. In the order UNCHECK the box titled "Shipping Information same as Billing Information" and enter your hotel address:

    1. It helps if you insert "GUEST: " before your first name.
    2. Place the name of the Hotel on Address Line 1.
    3. Place the street address of the hotel on Address Line 2.
    4. Fill in the city, state and zip for the hotel.
    5. Use your phone number.

    That's it. When you check-in at the hotel simply tell them you have a package waiting for you, pick it up and you are all set. Make sure you have your tracking number we e-mail you to show the hotel the order was delivered there. After the race simply place the Shadow, the charger, the belt and pouch into the return packet, seal it and drop it at the front desk and ask them to mail it for you.

  • So far MyAthlete™ has been used in the following countries:

    • United States
    • Mexico
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • England
    • Germany
    • South Africa
    • Switzerland
    • France
    • Brazil
    • New Zealand
    • Thailand
    • Costa Rica

    To use it internationally there is an up-charge the cellular carrier charges us and we simply pass that charge through.

  • Absolutely! Every MyAthlete™ GPS tracker has a unique URL that is provided in your instruction sheet. Use that URL to see your tracking. This URL is just for your use before the event. Do not give that URL out to friends and family for your event otherwise they will not get the full experience. Send them to www.MyAthleteLive.com/events

    Give it a full charge of 4+ hours before you race with it.

  • Not via USPS, ONLY via FedEx. Most Condo owners redirect the US Mail so any orders shipped via USPS will not arrive and if it does not come back to us you will be responsible for the loss. FedEx is the only way it can get to a Condo and YOU need to contact the Condo rental firm to ask for the correct address.

  • At the race they can use any web enabled cell phone or handheld device however we have two spectator Apps written specifically for the Apple and Droid devices.

    For others like the Blackberry or Treo for example just go to the web site www.MyAthleteLive.com/events and click on your athletes name. For any web enabled phone you will be redirected to our simple classic web page without all the cool features of our Apps or main event site.

    At the NYC Marathon in 2007 John's family and friends using a Blackberry found John at five different spots in the boroughs of New York as he raced and afterwards as he walked down Central Park West.

    Home viewers can pull up any web browser and login to "watch" you race from their computer and be a part of your experience.

  • As many friends and family as you have.

  • The MyAthlete™ Shadow GPS Tracker will broadcast every 60 seconds depending on cellular coverage where the Athlete is at that time. On our sponsored Athletes we can provide updates up to every 5 seconds. For longer races beyond 24 hours we will drop the report rate down to every 2, 5, 10 minutes so that the battery will last for the event.

    Please be aware of the time delay it takes for the MyAthlete™ Shadow GPS Tracker to broadcast from the Athlete's location via the cellular network, across the internet to our servers, then from our servers back across the internet to your smart phone, PC or MAC.

  • Yes! If you are doing an event like RAAM then we provide a special case with an extended battery that gets magnetically mounted to the roof of your chase car. Once its turned on you never touch it again until you are done.

    If you will be stopping every night then you can take a charger with you and remember to charge it every night. That way we can keep the update frequency down to 60 seconds.

    NOTE - if you go out of cellular range there will be no live updates until you come back into Cellular coverage.

  • Today it reports location, speed, distance, and elevation.

  • It was designed for an Ironman race which is 17 hours long. However we have run it for days and used it in ultra-marathons as well as multi-day adventure races by changing the report rates to every 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes for example. At a 5 minute reporting rate the battery will last 5 days.

  • Yes. Although your location is obtained via the GPS satellites MyAthlete™ uses the cellular data network to transmit your location back to our servers for display on the web site. If you are training or racing where there is poor cell coverage, or no cell coverage, then the live tracking will directly reflect that poor cell coverage. It’s just like your cell phone when you go out of range of a cellular tower. If there is no cell signal then you cannot make a call on your phone and the same goes for MyAthlete.

    Please note that with big crowds at an event the cellular network may get saturated. That means that there are more people with cell phones then the cell towers can handle so just like your cell phone not being able to get a data connection it can have an impact on the MyAthlete™ Shadow being able to connect for live reporting.

    The same goes for using the App or a laptop at the race site. If thousands and thousands of extra people flood into the race site it may overload the cell towers. Look around and every person there has a smart phone that is pinging away on the internet event when its in their pocket. You would see the same sluggishness when trying to upload pictures or post to Facebook for example. The best option is to go find places that have free Wi-Fi or walk to an area far away from the crowds. MyAthlete™ is for entertainment purposes only.

  • We make the best effort to locate GPS mapping files for races and load the on the maps. However if it’s not a mainstream event then they may not exist and it’s not always possible for us to create the mapping file especially if it’s a one-off event. If it’s for your race, event or team event the best way to make sure that we have a map for your event is to send us a GPS mapping file for your course/route. Below are a few online mapping tools where you can create the course map, download the files into either the GPX or KML format and e-mail them to us so we can load them up. Be sure to include your Shadow number and the date range you need it there.

    Hint: If it’s a triathlon or multi-leg biking course for example it’s best to create a GPS file for each leg of the race. That way each leg shows up in a different color when we load them. If the event is using the MyAthlete™ Premier Event site then we will create the mapping files.

    • www.bikeroutetoaster.com
    • www.gpsies.com
    • www.mapmyfitness.com
    • www.walkjogrun.net
    • www.gpsvisualizer.com

    Note: My Athlete LLC is not affiliated with any of these sites and use of those sites is your choice.

  • First we need to clarify that the heart of MyAthlete™is for the Shadow GPS devices to report the Athletes location. Even if they are off the course (and the Athlete is wearing the Shadow correctly and in cellular range) the athlete’s location will be reported.

    Second, our system depends on the accuracy of the maps to perform any statistical calculations, which we do our best to interpret the course maps from the events web site. This is a very difficult and time-consuming process, which after the race starts we learn sometimes that the information on the event site was incorrect or not clear.

    MyAthlete™makes the best attempt possible to obtain or draw the event maps from the information provided by the events web site. We make no claims as to the accuracy of the maps. While we strive to do cool statistical calculations during the event MyAthlete™is for entertainment purposes only and not the books and records of the event. The MyAthlete™technology depends on the accuracy of the maps to do any statistical calculations. If the map is not 100% accurate then the statistics will off accordingly.

    Map Links - Some event sites post links to various web sites of the maps they have drawn in GPS format. We make the assumption that the event director and staff know their race the best so if they have already drawn the maps we use those maps. However we have seen at times when the maps the event has drawn are not 100% accurate.

    Map images & Cue sheets – Some event sites have rough drawn maps (we mean rough, like on tourist maps) or list cue sheets describing the turn by turn of the race. We use this information and to the best of our abilities we draw out the maps based on our interpretation of that information. In Triathlons some event web sites describe where the transition areas are and others oddly do not. When they are not described or shown in even a rough map form we use out best judgment to figure out where the transition area is. It is not until the race is in underway that we learn if those assumptions were correct.

    Over the years we have even worked with various race directors to have them supply the maps. We have used these maps only to see the athletes going off the course since what was drawn by the event were inaccurate. Later we found out in one case that the race director assigned the map drawing to an intern who did not know the course and was trying to draw the map from the events own basic maps as we do.

    Lastly some races have race day changes in their courses due to accidents, road closures or various safety reasons not to mention a new course was created however the event site was still posting last years course. There was a half triathlon in 2012 which cut the bike in half due to unexpected cold and snow and threw all the calculations out the window. Such things are beyond our control.

    Please remember that MyAthlete™is for entertainment only and to stress this to your friends and family

  • Absolutely! We encourage it. As soon as you receive your MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker you can fire it up and take it out for a run, bike, walk or whatever and have your friends and family track you. Make sure to adjust the race belt to your waist size.

    Make sure you charge it up for fully for 4 hours before your race.

  • Tell people to go to one of the following depending on the viewing device they are using:

  • No. The MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker needs to be outdoors so it can see the sky to get the GPS signals from 12,000 miles above you. And by outdoors we don’t mean on a covered deck or porch or on a window ledge. We mean outside away from anything blocking the sky. It’s easier to see the LED’s inside so you can turn it on inside, see that the LED’s are lit up and then walk it outside to get a GPS lock.

    1. Read the directions enclosed with your package.
    2. Familiarize yourself with the MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker.
    3. Turn it on and take it outside to get a GPS lock. This may take a few minutes the 1st time you turn it on.
    4. Check the link provided on your instructions to see your update on the map.
    5. When down playing with it turn it off and plug it into the charger for four hours.

  • We get asked this a lot and it’s always the same answer; you have to turn it on as per the instructions for it to get its initial GPS lock for you name to show up on the App and the Premiere site for your event.

  • Thursday evening.

  • We get asked this question a lot and it usually goes like this:

    • Athlete: It’s now showing me at the race site.
    • MAL: Have you turned it on outside yet?
    • Athlete: No
    • MAL: You have to turn your MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker on and place it outside for it to get a GPS lock and find out where you are. Then it will show you on the map.
    • Athlete: Oh. Thanks.

  • Also known as Cellular Saturation. It’s what happens when too many iPhones, Droids, BlackBerrys (yeah they still make them), other smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. are all bunched together and over load the cell towers.

    NOTE: Having a full signal on your cellphone or tablet only means that you are close to a Cell tower but does not represent the speed of your data connection.

    How do you know when it happens or will happen? If you are around a big mass of people it’s already happening. Even if all those phones are in pockets or bags they are still pinging away on the cell network going to the internet checking for e-mail, checking if anyone is sending a text, checking if someone is trying to call and if there are Apps running those apps are jumping on the internet as well.

    Why is this important? MyAthlete™ uses the cellular data network for two things. First the GPS Shadow tracker has to transmit the Athletes GPS location data out to our servers every 60 seconds. Second is for the iPhone/iPad and Droid apps (or the web browser) when you are at the race to go out to the internet and get the Athlete data from the servers every 10 seconds. If you are at the race and standing among the thousands and thousands of fellow spectators you’ll be dealing with Cellular Congestion.

    Think about it. At an Ironman for example there are 3,000+ Athletes. On average those Athletes bring 2-3 people with them so now we’re up to 6,000 – 9,000 spectators out of the gate. Add a few thousand volunteers and local spectators and we’re easily at 10,000 – 12,000 and more. Wedge them into a small area to watch a section of the race, say transition, and that’s 12,000 smart phones all asking for a fraction of the towers bandwidth and Walla we have Cellular Congestion and very slow internet response from your phone or tablet.

    When that happens it’s beyond our control. It’s the Cellular Carrier towers and networks that are over loaded and congested. The result is your phone/tablet will be trying to get to the internet and it will be really slow as the cell network is trying to do the same with everyone else. You’ll see the same if you try to send an e-mail or if you go to try to post on Facebook.

    When you are experiencing cellular congestion at the race the MyAthlete™ App will be dealing with the same slowness. So the Athlete’s MyAthlete™ GPS tracker may be updating every 60 seconds but the App will be struggling to get internet connectivity to get updates on your Athlete. Again this is your cellular carriers network (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) overloaded by so many people in such close proximity.

    How do I manage this?

    One quick way is to jump into a place that has free Wi-Fi like a coffee place. You’ll hop on their Wi-Fi and get fast updates while you are on the Wi-Fi. A great idea is the day before the race, or early in the morning scope out where you plan to watch for your Athlete and find the free Wi-Fi hot spots to use on race day. Another option is to go to an area where there are far fewer people. Cell towers have very small areas they cover especially in city areas so going a few blocks could help allot.

    When the Athlete is biking or running in such an area full of crowds of spectators the MyAthlete™ Shadow is dealing with the same issue and it will keep trying to send its location data out every 60 seconds. If this cellular congestion happens we will see delays on how often our servers receive the Athlete updates. It’s not the MyAthlete™ Shadow, which is still transmitting every 60 seconds; it will be the result of the congested cellular towers and network that cannot handle the load.

    The good news is the cellular carriers know this and are investing HUGE amounts of money in 2013 to expand their data networks to get ahead of the demand. The cell networks were initially designed for voice usage and then data was added over time. Data has now become the largest consumer of cellular bandwidth which is why we see the push for 4G networks. Such is the excitement of MyAthlete™ and pushing the technological edge.

    Remember that MyAthlete™ is for entertainment purposes only.

    While race event sites may give you 6 - 8 race updates during the day MyAthlete™ will transmit hundreds and hundreds of updates of your Athlete's location on race day. While we are pushing the edge of blending technologies we always work to improve the live experience yet the cellular network, which we all use every day, is beyond our control.

  • No. MyAthlete™ is for entertainment purposes only. MyAthlete™ is for entertainment purposes only. MyAthlete™ is for entertainment purposes only. Please communicate that to your friends and family.

    Normally at a race there are only a few updates that spectator may get from the event itself and they tend to be delayed. With MyAthlete™ we strive to give more than a few. In an Ironman we can get as many as over 1,000 live updates versus 7 – 9 updates the race provides. Tell your friends and family not to freak out if you stop updating. The reasons could be:

    1. No cell signal
    2. Cellular congestion – too many people are in the area flooding the cell networks and the signal cannot get out.
    3. The MyAthlete™ GPS tracker slid under your stomach while on the bike.
    4. If you stuffed it in a pocket it may have bounced and slipped around so the antenna is facing your body and blocking the radio signals.

  • That’s a great question!

    It means that MyAthlete™ is not the official books and records of an event. As cool as this technology is and no matter how much we strive to improve it there are many factors that are beyond our control. After doing this for the past few years we have seen a few of those hurdles to be:

    1. The MyAthlete™ GPS tracker has to be turned on. During the excitement of transition in a triathlon for example Athletes either forget to turn on their Shadow or don’t hold the power button on for the 3+ seconds. We HIGHLY recommend turning on the Shadows before the race starts when you are relaxed. If you are doing a Triathlon leave it on, in the race belt at your bike and when you get to your bike clip it on and GO!
    2. The MyAthlete™ gets dropped. If care isn’t taken to secure the Velcro cover it can pop out during the race. We’ve also seen Athletes put them in shirt pockets and they bounce out.
    3. No Cell signal. When the Athlete enters a dead cell zone there will be no live updates. Ironman Lake Placid is notorious for this.
    4. Cellular congestion. We speak out this in this FAQ area. It’s when there are more people than the cellular networks can handle. It will cause updates to get delayed when the Athlete is in a congested area but once they leave the area the updates will resume.

  • The App will allow you to select up to 5 Athletes to view. It’s meant for race day viewing so before the race you won’t see any updates or map location on the App. On race day you will see the athlete’s location on the map, their calculated distance on the elevation profile and race stats. We highly advise you read the cellular congestion write-up in the FAQ section

  • First make sure you charged it up for 4 hours the night before.

    For Triathlons:

    • When you check on your bike before the swim:
      • Turn on the MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker
      • Stick it into the pouch in the race belt with the label facing out
      • Secure the pouch Velcro cover by squishing it back and forth
      • Leave the race belt at your bike
      • NOTE: By turning it on before the swim the MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker will get a solid GPS lock and when you are in T1 you won’t have to worry about turning the GPS Tracker on.
    • When you exit the swim and get to your bike in T1, simply click the race belt on, make sure the Shadow is in the center of you back, jump on your bike and GO, GO, GO!

    For other sports:

    • Turn it on before the race
    • Stick it into the pouch in the race belt with the label facing out
    • Secure the pouch Velcro cover by squishing it back and forth
    • Clip the race belt on and GO, GO, GO!

  • MyAthlete™ is for entertainment purposes only.

    In ideal conditions the MyAthlete™ Shadow GPS Tracker will broadcast the Athletes position every 60 seconds (less frequently if it’s a multi-day event).

    Many races provide a handful of updates during the race when the Athlete crosses a timing mat on the course. The reason MyAthlete™ was created was due to the infrequency of these timing mats, the often large delay in getting the timing mat updates as well as reliability of the mat updates and finally not knowing what’s happening in between those timing mats.

    For example there are full Triathlon races where there may be 6 – 9 timing mats over a 140.6 mile race. MyAthlete™ in ideal conditions can provide over 1,000 updates. In not so ideal conditions MyAthlete™ can provide several hundred updates which are still far more than 6 – 9 updates.

    The journey of the GPS data:

    When the Athlete’s GPS position is transmitted it has to travel via radio waves to the closest cellular tower, through the cellular network to the internet, through the internet to our servers to be recorded. That’s half the journey. THEN the spectator either by a smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac uses one of our apps which requests the Athletes last known location and information. That request goes from the spectator out to the cellular network if they are on a mobile device, across the internet to our servers which then send the Athletes data back across the internet to the spectator. It’s no small journey and there will be a delay of several seconds to a minute for that to happen depending on where the Athlete and Spectator are.

    MyAthlete™ is a blend of many technologies of which several are beyond our control. If the Athlete wears the Shadow GPS tracker correctly and there is perfect cellular coverage with no cellular congestion you can expect many timely updates.

    However if the Shadow is not worn as we recommend, not turned on before the race as we recommend, if there is poor or no cellular coverage or if there is cellular congestion due to many people overloading the cellular towers then there may not be many updates from the Athletes position.

    The same goes for the spectator especially if they are in poor cellular coverage or in an area flooded by people thus causing cellular congestion. The Athlete may be perfectly broadcasting and updating every 60 seconds yet the spectator may see delays in the updates due to the spectators location which is why we recommend in this case the spectator go find a few Wi-Fi hot spot such as those at coffee shops.

    MyAthlete™ is for entertainment purposes and if we can provide several hundred more updates on the Athlete’s location and status than the few most events provide then that’s a good thing.

  • Make sure you charge it up 4 hours before your race. After that there is nothing you need to do to set it up. When you receive the package, take the shadow out, turn it on OUTSIDE so it has a clear shot of the sky, put it in the belt on and take off on a walk, run, bike, etc. and you are being tracked LIVE.

  • It goes on a race belt. The best place is the middle of your back so it has a clear view of the sky during the bike and run. Other athletes also insert it into a Tri-Jersey pocket although we do not recommend this. Just make sure the label is facing out since that is where the antenna is. If the antenna faces your body then all signals will be blocked and your family and friends will be sad not being able to track you.

    1. On the provided race belt in the pouch that is on the race belt provided or you can place the pouch on your own race belt.
    2. Adjust the race belt to your waist size.
    3. After the Shadow GPS tracker is on slide it into the pouch with the LABEL of the MyAthlete™ GPS Tracker facing out. The Label is the antenna and has to face out.
    4. Press the Velcro cover closed and slide the cover back and forth to make sure all those little hooks of the Velcro are engaged for a secure closure.
    5. Clip the race belt on and position the MyAthlete™ GPS tracker in the middle of you back with nothing else around it or blocking it.
    6. If it slides under your stomach during the bike your body will block the radio signals and no one will be able to track you.
    7. If the label faces your body it will block the signal and no one will be able to track you.
    8. If anything covers the label or presses up against it or the sides of the GPS tracker the antennas will be blocked and no one will be able to track you.

  • How you wear MyAthlete™ VERY MUCH impacts on how it performs:

    • DO NOT wear it on your ankle.
    • Wear it on the provided race belt with the antenna facing out and in the middle of your back.
    • The human body is a big bag of salt water (seriously) and that in itself is a huge issue to overcome with GPS and cellular technologies. So unless the Shadow is facing out and unobstructed it won’t work and your friends and family will be sad.

Other questions? Please e-mail us at info@MyAthleteLive.com

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