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MyAthlete Live is for entertainment purposes only

PLEASE READ: MyAthlete Live is for entertainment purposes only and not the books and records of a race. Yes we have some cool technology that shows you where your athlete is during their race and we strive to calculate race statistics with our funky algorithms all independent of the event . . . but in the end we are . . . for entertainment purposes only. 


MyAthlete Live should be viewed as another tool to make endurance races into a spectator sport. For an Ironman you’ll get hundreds to over a thousand updates on your athlete’s progress during their race while they are in cellular coverage. It is a mixture of technologies; GPS, Cellular Data and some pretty cool algorithms that take a bunch of data and does its best to show where the athlete is and their race stats. 


Yet so much is beyond our control. The GPS satellites so many thousands of miles above us, the cellular data network (or the lack of it), cellular networks being flooded by congested crowds of people and how an athlete wears the Shadow GPS (or even remembers to turn it on). Use it as a tool and enjoy it as another form of entertainment on race day to be a part of your athlete’s journey.


Running Down A Dream

Long trek ahead for 'Running Down A Dream' doing Ragnar Cape Cod tomorrow. Beautiful weather and a bit chilly at night but I can confidently say there will be NO SNOW!

Have an awesome journey!


Race season is definitely upon us

Coming up this weekend a plethora of events ranging from a charity run to Montauk, NY (I’ve done the bike ride but to run it? In sane & Awesomeness at the same time!) to Good ‘ol Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston. Kick arse and enjoy your Journey!

• C & O CANAL 100 ULTRA, APR-25

But seriously, running 140 miles? Go Eva!!!! smile emoticon


MyAthlete™ Live News 2015

Dear Athletes, 

As MyAthlete Live moves forward into the New Year of 2015, we will be making a few changes to the way we operate after analyzing all of your experiences using the MyAthlete Live Shadow and additionally have some exciting news.

Beginning in January 2015, the shortest rental period offered will be a one-week rental (the one week rental price has not changed and will remain $59.95 for 2015).

There are two reasons for this decision.

First and foremost, we want every athlete to have a successful experience using the MyAthlete Shadow.  Having the Shadow for a week gives the athlete use of it for a full week prior to race day, which better ensures that they will be more comfortable with how to use it properly and figure out the best and most comfortable position to wear it for their race.

Secondly, having the Shadow mailed directly to your home a full week prior to your race means that there will be no confusion and stress at hotel desks or deliveries arriving after your race or even not at all.  In addition, we learned that some hotels have been charging fees to the athletes who had deliveries made to their hotel.  Most, if not all condos do not allow the delivery of US mail for rental guests.  Renting for a week and having it delivered to your home a week before your race means that it is unlikely that you will have to pay higher shipping fees. 

Many of you have contacted us asking when we would have the MyAthlete Shadow for sale.  As we were moving toward that goal, we felt strongly that we would not sell the Shadows to athletes until we had a Shadow that we knew would be supported by the cellular carrier for many years to come.  We are a business with a moral conscious.

Exciting news!  We currently have a Shadow that is in the stages of certification with Verizon which we believe will be available for purchase in the spring.  The price will be $399.95 and will include a full year of race site and data membership.  In addition, any athlete who has rented from us previously will receive a $50 coupon towards the purchase of a MyAthlete Shadow.

We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you in the coming year.  Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 racing season!

Best Regards,

The MyAthlete Team


From endurance swimming to half Ironman’s to half marathons

Have great races and enjoy your journeys!

  • Oct-04 -  To the Bridge & Back 10 Mile Swim
  • Oct-05 -  Border Wars Triathlon
  • Oct-05 -  Challenge Rancho Cordoba Triathlon
  • Oct-05 -  Ironman 70.3 Silverman Las Vegas
  • Oct-05 -  Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon
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