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MyAthlete Live is for entertainment purposes only

PLEASE READ: MyAthlete Live is for entertainment purposes only and not the books and records of a race. Yes we have some cool technology that shows you where your athlete is during their race and we strive to calculate race statistics with our funky algorithms all independent of the event . . . but in the end we are . . . for entertainment purposes only. 


MyAthlete Live should be viewed as another tool to make endurance races into a spectator sport. For an Ironman you’ll get hundreds to over a thousand updates on your athlete’s progress during their race while they are in cellular coverage. It is a mixture of technologies; GPS, Cellular Data and some pretty cool algorithms that take a bunch of data and does its best to show where the athlete is and their race stats. 


Yet so much is beyond our control. The GPS satellites so many thousands of miles above us, the cellular data network (or the lack of it), cellular networks being flooded by congested crowds of people and how an athlete wears the Shadow GPS (or even remembers to turn it on). Use it as a tool and enjoy it as another form of entertainment on race day to be a part of your athlete’s journey.


Races coming up this weekend of August 16-17, 2014

  • TIMBERMAN 70.3, AUG-17
Tell your friends and family that: 
  1. MyAthlete™ Live is just another tool in the spectator tool belt.  That MAL is not the books and records and it is for entertainment only.  
  2. This is a cellular based technology so if you go into an area with no cell towers, you’ll stop updating.   But once you get back into cell range your position will pop back up on the map.  
  3. The maps are drawn as best as we can interpret them from the race web sites which for some, especially Ironman, are really hard to interpret.  As such they are not always accurate in exact course and distance.  Hence  “for entertainment only”.    
  4. The races are loaded Thursday evening the weekend before the race (tonight).  
  5. You won’t show up on the mobile App until the race is under way AND you are in motion on the bike.  
  6. They should NOT freak out if you stop reporting.  This can happen if the Shadow slides under your stomach on the bike, gets covered by gel packs, flips around on a bump so the body is blocking the antenna, gets dropped or as all technology it breaks and stops transmitting.  If this happens they should use other tools available such as Ironman Live.  
  7. If at the race they are getting slow updates tell them to look around.  If they see hundreds or thousands od people standing in eye sight then all those peoples smartphones are congesting the cellular network slowing down their access to the internet which is a carrier issue.  The day before the race they should scope out WiFi Hot Spots like coffee shops to be able to step into during the day to get fresh updates.  

Good luck to all and enjoy your journeys!


Busy, busy, busy this weekend

Races ranging from the other side of the big pond, to the East coast, to the West coast and finally to our athletic brethren up north. 


PLEASE read the enclosed instruction sheet with your Shadow and follow those instructions.  We’re athletes and we wrote those instructions and for Tri’s those instructions are the best way to use the Shadow GPS Tracker.  And PLEASE let your friends and family understand that MyAthlete is for entertainment and not the books and records of a race.  Tell them that it is a technology dependent on cellular towers and just like a cell phone when you bike and run into an area with no cell coverage they will not see live updates but when you come back into cell range you’ll pop back up.  Lake Placid is the worst.  From that awesome down hill (which I love!) to about upper Jay there is just about no cell coverage.  It goes in and out all the way back to LP.  The LP run has good coverage.  It is another tool in the spectator belt to be a part of your journey, use it that way. 


Now get PSYCHED!  You trained hard long hours.  Push all nervousness aside, you are definitely ready.  Focus on your day, your being, your journey and enjoy it all. 


  • ·      CT Challenge Support Crew                        July 25-26, 2014
  • ·      Full Vineman                                     July 26, 2014
  • ·      Vineman Aquabike                           July 26, 2014
  • ·      Donner Lake Olympic Tri                 July 27, 2014
  • ·      Ironman Lake Placid                         July 27, 2014
  • ·      Ironman Canada                               July 27, 2014
  • ·      Ironman Zurich                                 July 27, 2014
  • ·      Challenge New Albany Half Du       July 27, 2014




How to wear your Shadow.  :-)


Races are loaded for the weekend of July 12-13, 2014

  •  Seattle to Portland 200 mile bike
  •  Laurel Lake Triathlon
  •  Ironman Muncie 70.3
  •  Boulder Peak Triathlon
  •  Vineman 70.3


Good luck to all the athletes and enjoy your journeys! 


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