Angel Ride 2011 - Charity for kids

This memorial weekend there are hundreds of riders bicycling across hilly Connecticut raising money for kids with threatending diseases.  Check out their web site,, and make a donation if you can.  

Right now you can track Kenny Osborn and others as they make thier way across Connecitcut and stay at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp tonight.



It’s for the family, not the racer… a Texas Ironman speaks.


My wife, family and friends love you guys !!!!  They had a blast going along w/ me on my Ironman journey…   

Thanks so much for creating the product! Great peace of mind for my wife and all of those keeping track of me through a long, hard day !

You guys rock !



This is truly what its all about... 

Below is Anne’s note to MyAthlete this morning on how MyAthlete gave her peace of mind knowing where her husband was the entire race.  Scott finished in 14:04:09 – Congrat’s Scott and thank you Anne!


John and all at MyAthlete,

   What an amazing product you have.  It was so great to have the ability to know where my athlete was at any moment.   112 mile bike ride is a long way. To be able to see where he was at any moment!  WOW!  It also was great for the friends and family who couldn't make the journey with us. They were able to follow and know how he doing!   As we were standing waiting for our athletes to come in your product was talked about.  Everyone one else was guessing where their athlete was and I KNEW where my was.  You gave me piece of mind!




You have made a new spokes person and a customer for all our races.!

Anne and Scott


MyAthlete Launches New Site

Here we are with Ironman Texas kicking off as well as our new home web site AND showing off our new Event site.  We have many other new items coming down the path this year that we will share with you in the coming days and weeks.

First, MyAthlete is the official REAL-TIME LIVE GPS tracking of Ironman.  At Ironman Texas the commentator will be going to the MyAthlete map to show where the Lead Male and Lead Female Athletes are.  Awesome!

We will start selling the Shadows shortly – more details to come.

Let us know what you think.

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