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Worn on a race belt, MyAthlete provides real time location information while you race and train.

Combining innovative miniaturized GPS and real-time cellular data transmission technologies along with years of endurance athletic and high adventure experience, MyAthlete provides real-time athlete tracking in the human powered endeavor of pushing ones physical and mental limits.

But MyAthlete is different — You don't need it, your friends and family do! Let others watch your race progress. From a few hours of a half-marathon to a full day in an Ironman friends, family, coaches can all follow.

Today, MyAthlete can provide the solution for real-time updates of the Athletes speed, location and elevation movements reporting hundreds or thousands of times during not only a race but also when training. 

Watch on a web browser on a computer or on a web enabled cell phone or iPhone, Blackberry or Treo.

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